Coach Jenna K

Coach Jenna was born and raised in Long Beach NY where she played soccer all the way thru high school. She is passionate about helping others, loves animals and enjoys cooking, baking and reading. Coach Jenna stays active by going to the gym for a workout, or going for a run on the beautiful boardwalk in Long Beach. She believes in positivity and putting her family and loved ones above all else.  She is always excited and eager to teach the game of soccer. and says that becoming a coach with Pro Soccer Kids has been the most rewarding experience she’s ever had and that she is thankful every time she steps onto the field.  She shares a great fondness with her great grandparents for the German national team.  Her family were all very happy when Germany won the most recent World Cup in 2014!

Coach Jenna is Fast!  She still holds many school track records at Long Beach High School, and has individually won All County honors in many track events. In High School she was voted the most athletic female amongst her graduating peers!

Some interesting facts about Coach Jenna:

  • She can do the rubix cube in under 2 minutes
  • She recently became Auntie Jenna to a beautiful baby girl.
  • Every day she helps take care of her 54 year old cousin with cerebral palsy and says that it is a blessing to be able to do so.

Coach Jenna says, “I enjoy inspiring and motivating the kids to push themselves and to never give up. Having a connection with my players is important so that they can feel comfortable and are interested in learning more about soccer. I provide full support for the kids to work hard, to achieve their goals and to keep moving forward.  I help give the kids confidence by always giving positive encouragement and rewarding them with high fives all throughout the class. I believe in the kids and want them to believe in themselves. Seeing the kids having a good time in my classes makes me so happy. I go home after my classes feeling accomplished with a huge smile on my face and a warm feeling in my heart.”