School Enrichment

This page is intended to provide helpful information for  school directors, principals, or daycare ownersIf you are a parent and would like to see our program offered in your child’s school, please contact our office 516-766-KIDS (5437) or email

  • Pro Soccer Kids proudly offers after school and enrichment programs. These programs offer parents the convenience and trust in knowing that their child is learning soccer in a familiar environment.
  • We have several options, making it simple to find the one that fits best with your facility’s needs.
  • We will be happy to visit your location if you are unsure if your space is soccer friendly (usually 60×40 feet is enough, we do NOT need a full size soccer field).
  • Most classes run for 40 to 60 minutes, depending on the age.
  • We are fully insured and will add your facility to our policy.
  • We are happy to provide personalized marketing materials and registration forms, making it easy to promote the soccer program to your parents.
  • We will also list your school on our official class schedule on this website, which helps draw new parents into your program.


Soccer is a fantastic addition to your current school offerings. Children work on motor skills, flexibility, eye-foot coordination and fitness in our class. Soccer also serves as a positive social setting to sharpen communication, listening, and sportsmanship skills of each child. Under the Enrichment program, PSK classes are offered as an “add-on” to your current curriculum, during your regular school hours, at the day and time that you wish. The parents register for this program through your office (and you select the fee), and we provide the Professional Soccer Coaches, Soccer Equipment and T-Shirts for the kids, for a flat per child fee. You may choose a program ranging from 8 to 13 weeks, and classes usually meet once per week, with greater frequency also being an option.

After School

Our After School Program offers parents a later pick-up time for their child, and the confidence of knowing that he or she is having fun while learning the world’s most popular sport of Soccer in a trusted environment. You have the option to choose the day/time and we provide the Professional Soccer Coaches, Soccer Equipment, and T-shirts for a flat per child fee. The parents register through your office, and you choose the total tuition amount for the class. You choose the duration of the program (eight week minimum), as well as the start/end dates. Classes usually meet once per week, but a greater frequency is also an option.

Rental Space

We book a series of Soccer classes at your facility or field, usually once a week for 8–13 weeks at the same time, multiple classes if your schedule allows. We pay a per-class or per-season rent (or donation). We handle the registrations and collection of tuition. We may also advertise in your paper, bulletin or newsletter for an additional fee paid to your church/temple/school. We are fully insured and will add your appropriate information to our policy. Dates/Times are mutually agreed upon and payment made prior to the start of the rental period.

To schedule a meeting to talk about adding our exciting Pro Soccer Kids Program to your Church, School, Daycare, or Temple please call our office:  516-766-KIDS (5437) or email